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Chef Guy Parker

Southern Exposure Cooking

About: Chef Guy Parker

chef_guyparkerI started helping my grandmother in the kitchen when I was a little boy. This is where I learned all of the basic cooking techniques that I use today. I can still hear her in the back of my mind telling me how to measure things properly, how to make gravy and those homemade buttermilk biscuits that were to die for! I have such fond memories of helping my grandfather in his vegetable garden, canning figs, making sweet pickles, shelling field peas, and figuring out what to do with the overabundance of tomatoes that my grandfather’s garden produced each summer! The neighbors sure loved us!

As I grew older, I started competing in food competitions and making dishes to take to family reunions and other family events. After I went off to college, I really started experimenting with spices and trying dishes that were outside of my grandmother’s comfort zone at home. Later she would tell me that she really didn’t teach me to cook – that I taught myself! She always thought that I was much more daring and creative with foods, which is an aspect of cooking that I enjoy to this day.

However, I always come back to my love of all things Southern. It’s such an ingrained part of my soul – it’s very much who I am! I hope that you’ll give me an opportunity to share my love of Southern & Cajun flavors with you and yours. I will also give you as many gluten-free versions as I can, as I myself am gluten sensitive. Lastly, I will eventually start posting to my baby blog guiding you through making baby food easily at home and discussing organic foods, food tips, and substitutions along the way.

Thank you so much for checking out my web site! I am here to show and teach you how easy Southern and Cajun cooking can be and give you twists on other types of foods that you may not perceive as a Southern thing.

Chef Guy’s Tools

pampered_chef_logoTo check out my page and learn more about the Pampered Chef products, you can go to http://new.pamperedchef.com/pws/southernexposure

Growing up in my grandmother’s kitchen, I developed a love for wrought-iron (cast iron) pots and pans. They are truly Southern and just the best for almost everything. My grandfather had to have a plate of cornbread at every meal and the small wrought-iron pan was the perfect tool for that. Plus, the more that you use these pans, the more they season and the better your food tastes. It’s a definite win-win!

My next love in the kitchen tools department came along in the late 1990’s when I was introduced to The Pampered Chef. I bought my first piece, the large stoneware bar pan and it is still in use today. While it looks quite black now, it is my most seasoned piece and works for just about everything from baking vegetables and French fries and bacon to cookies and meats. Over the years, I continued accumulating more pieces to add to my repertoire.

After I started my personal chef business in late 2008, I found myself using Pampered Chef products in so much of what I was cooking that I decided to become an Independent Consultant on the side and share my love of these products. Now my kitchen is full of them!

As I blog new recipes, I will give you some cooking tips on how to use these products and make your life a little easier in the kitchen with them. If you ever have questions about them, you can always email me. And if you would like to order some of your own, I can help you with that, too. You can even have a catalog show of your own and earn lots of free products for yourself in the process! You can beat that along with their wonderful guarantees on their products!

To check out my page and learn more about the Pampered Chef products, you can go to http://new.pamperedchef.com/pws/southernexposure

About: Figlet

Figlet - 3Figlet grew out of adopting my daughter, Bonita. We have had her from 1 day old and I was determined to teach her to eat healthily, organically, and develop her palette.  From the start, I set out on a mission to make all of her baby food, in which I find great joy!

Most everything that I make is super easy and can be made to last several meal times, all the while giving the child a variety of foods to try at each meal. Most meals will last several days to several weeks in the refrigerator and some can be frozen for future use, such as applesauce and pear sauce or even pumpkin.

My daughter is going on two years old now and she loves just about anything that I place in front of her. In fact, her palette is so developed that she prefers spicy or foods with great flavors to bland foods. Her Daddy & Papa sure love that! She’s a great eater!

I will endeavor to share my recipes with you on my Figlet blog, so that you can try these easy recipes at home for your child, too. One last thought: as your child gets older and is eating more variety, those meals can be made in larger quantities to share with your family at meal times, too – what more can you ask for!

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